The Day that Changed the World - Wright Brothers

It was a cloudy day on a beach. The sea was quite stormy. Two men with a funny looking machine were arguing with each other. “You don’t push it hard enough!” said the taller one. “I am too cold and my fingers are numb”, replied the other man. This went on for a few hours and they both sat down on the wet sand, exhausted.

After a few minutes, the taller one said, “we cannot let years of hard work go waste like this, let us try again”. Reluctantly, they both stood up again and started working on their machine. One checked every single inch of the rather huge machine, till he was sure that there was nothing wrong. Everything was working perfectly. The other man read through his notes again and again, till he was convinced that the scientific equations written there were all correct.

With a quick prayer on their lips and jaws clenched with resolve, they gave the machine a final push. And then started running with it till they were able to jump on top of it. The machine struggled to move up and kept banging down on the sand a few times. Once, it nearly crashed. But the suddenly, magic happened. The machine and the two men were flying!! The machine was the world’s first ever airplane and the men were the Wright brothers.

The biggest change of human history had just happened. Man started to fly. A lot of changes have happened before that stormy day and a lot have happened after that. But, that moment was a giant step for mankind.

Two brothers changed our lives forever with some equations, a wooden plane and a lot of determination and courage. We salute them.


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