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The 5 Bullet Holes

It was the time of the great depression in 1920s. Most people in the world had lost their jobs and some rich went bankrupt. For years, people stayed alive on very little food. It felt like darkness and sadness everywhere It was a dark night in New York city, USA. All shops were closed and people barely came out of their houses. In the city center, there was a café that was lit up and bright. It was called “Phillies”. An eccentric millionaire named George had some money with him and was using it to have a shot of espresso coffee. Suddenly, he started hearing sounds like ‘Boom”, ‘BANG’ and ‘whiss’. A shooting seems to have taken place right outside the café. George got worried and rushed to the kitchen and closed the lights. Soon, the main door of the café crashed open and George heard some footsteps. Suddenly, he started hearing loud gunshots. He got scared and was also worried about the other customers in the café. And then the shooting stopped. He heard steps again – slowly gett