Once upon a time there was a family. THE SUN was the dad, THE PLANETS were the sons and daughters and THE MOON was the mother.  Once son Jupiter was very bored and forced dad Sun and mother Moon to go for a vacation. To his surprise, they agreed! So, the family set out for a vacation. They decided to explore the universe.

       Just when they started heading out of Milky Way, they got stuck between the asteroids. All the planet siblings were scared and fighting with each other but sister Earth was calm. They waited for the asteroids to pass. Then they moved on. After that they safely made out of Milky Way. Then they made their way to the opposite galaxy. There, they got attacked by the meteors, who thought that they were travelling without a passport or a visa. But after they let the family pass, son Pluto told dad Sun that it had the passport and the visa. Other planets siblings were very angry but again sister Earth was as calm as a symphony.         

       Now, they were extremely tired and stopped at a 10 star hotel nearby. Inside they found out that a night’s stay costs 1 million diamonds (by the way, the space currency these days is diamonds). They were so tired that they paid till their last one. But the treatment was worth it. The next day they did a royal brunch and did some shopping from the nearby market. Soon after they were done and moved on to the other galaxy.

         When they entered the new galaxy, they got to know that the whole galaxy was as luxurious as the 10 Star Hotel they had just been to. But none of the family member understood that why they were being treated as VIPs? But they didn’t care because they were still tired and got a free stay in the new galaxy’s best palace hotel. The sons got their own luxury rooms but sibling earth wasn’t interested. The daughters got the royal suite with a Jacuzzi and all that girly stuff and the parents got their dream room. This went on for a week. Then the family were ready to go forward. While heading out of the hotel, the owner warned them about the end of the universe but nobody believed it - except daddy Sun.

With this thought they lost all desire for more vacation and were now not feeling like going to the last galaxy and they went back to their own galaxy. Just before reaching, they saw the whole galaxy being sucked inside a black hole. The family was very scared and also started getting sucked inside. The Sun came to their rescue and started burning really bright. His brightness lit up the black hole and it moved away. All were saved except sibling Pluto. He died in that accident – nobody knew where he had gone. Everybody was sad. Very sad.

4.5 billion year later after sibling   Pluto’s death all the asteroids, meteors and the black holes ENDED THE WORLD!!! Everybody went to wherever sibling Pluto was and it was time for a new world and a new beginning.

“Wake up, wake up, you will be late for school, grrrrr” – I realized it was 6 am and my Mom was screaming at me (as usual). Just as I started getting worried for sibling Pluto, it struck me that I was dreaming...(as usual). It was a nice and interesting dream but I continued to worry a little for sibling Pluto. I guess I will need to keep an eye out for him!!


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