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The End of an Errrrrrrr......a - 2

Another journey comes to end, It's not a stop but just a bend. Learning is a curve, sometimes steep and sometimes slow, But it remains like a river in perpetual flow. We may have graduated today, but our education is still incomplete, Meanwhile we have such good memories and stories replete.

The End of an Errrrrrrr......a

School years go by -  so fast that they fly The memory maker works overtime,  The experiences are both sad and fine Good marks and bad too, dry subjects that challenge too Tough physics made easy, calculus making us worried and uneasy So many friends and a few enemies too, In the end all have a place like animals in a zoo Primary, middle and high school joined together but still different, By our conversations, styles and kinds of ignorance The school years were good and make glad, But I look forward to the next phase - wistful but not sad.