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Fidget and Spin

Shashwat loved going round and round in circles-if you ask him anything, he would just just keep going around instead of coming to the point.As he loved to talk, it wasn't too difficult for him to go around everything. Short and thin, he was big and fat on talk, talk and more talk. One day, he came to school with a fidget spinner. Finally, there was something that went round and round faster than Shashwat. The fidget spinner was the main topic of discussion that day. Shashwat and I got together after dispersal and were waiting for our mom's pick us up-while playing with the spinner.Suddenly, the spinner vanished from my hand and shot up into the sky and started spinning on its own. It kept going faster and faster and soon the entire sky was covered with that huge spinning wheel. It had become dark as the sun got blocked and I got really scared. I asked, Shashwat, where he got this strange and dangerous spinner from. But he was too scared himself! Suddenly, he remembered he h

The Big Argument

Millions of years back, there happened a strange argument. Mr Water got very upset and angry. It had been very hot lately and the sun was heating Mr Water up - non stop. He was also scared that if this continues, he will be empty very soon. In his anger, one day, he started fighting with Miss Earth. "You are of no use to me. You live because of me and never do anything to help me", he said. Miss Earth was in no mood to talk as the sun was heating her up too. She replied, "really! all my rivers flow into you and keep you fresh,    and you dare ask for my help". This led to a big debate on who does what and they kept arguing for months. Sometimes, they used to get tired and stop for some time. But started again the very next day. Finally, Mr Water decided to show his power and said "I will show you your place and completely cover you. Let me see how you save yourself." Miss Earth panicked and said "if you do that, everything on me will di

The Talking Earth

I am everywhere,   some here some there You are alive, because of me Without me, you will not be Plants and trees, forest and grass All grow in me, I am the mass I am the earth, I give you land I keep water away, like a magic wand Many colours and many shades Its me only, where everything is made Your cars run,    on oil that I produce I make the mountains, with stunning views I digest your waste, and keep you clean I always give, I am never mean I have been around, since earth was born I will stay,    when you are gone I am here to see you through I will keep giving, to all and you Hurt me if you want - at your own cost If I am done - all will be lost   Keep me happy, and I will take care of all You too will live happily, without a fall I am everywhere,   some here and some there Look after me, And I will care

Fire Fire !! Pourquoi Story

Long ago, in the dinosaur era, there was a boy named Pichu. He was very creative. He also loved to invent strange objects, which mostly were a failure. He also loved to hangout with the gigantic dinosaurs. That too when the whole human race was scared of those oversized creatures. One fine winter day, he was with the dinosaurs and was sitting under them to save him from a storm, as the dinosaurs were unaffected from the low temperature. As Pichu was creative, he was thinking and looking for something, which produced heat. He thought about it for one whole day. Finally, he started doing his usual experiments and it was not very long when he was losing his last bit of patience. Finally, Pichu got tired. Suddenly, he thought of his last experiment, which was to rub an object with another. Well, he was talking about his own shoe and his favourite dinosaur’s foot. He kept doing it till it hurt.  Finally, sparks started to fly and a bright, hot, red coloured substa