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Back with a Vengeance (From COVID)

Covid was very bad, sad and very very mad We stayed home.  Some stayed safe - others flirted with fate We thought it would be over soon But many days passed - as passed many a moons It just kept coming back, deadly and determined We got tired but it never took the hint Then the much awaited break came The pandemic did start to wane But what a surprise we saw Human nature started breaking nature’s law We travelled, we ran, with glee we did flee All the months and years of despair Gave way to exaggerated repair Covid is gone but we are back To consume the earth like a hungry pack With a strange mission and no sense We are hitting back earth with a great vengeance Avikal A

Save the World - STOP Climate Change

The wind on my face, the sun on my back. Make me free, grateful me have. The chirping of birds, the lovely sounds. In the deep green forests, they most abound. The sandy beach, and the waves crashing in. The endless sea, the end cannot be seen. The glow of a sunset, lights up my face. The sun going down, with so much grace. The drops of water, falling from the sky. Rainfall is magic, I always wonder why. We pollute the world, with so much haste. The beauty of nature, we quickly waste. I am a child and I love nature, I want to enjoy it even in my future. I want to climb mountains, I want to swim in lakes. Please save nature, whatever it takes. The wind on my face, the sun on my back. Let me be free, don’t take it back.