Dragon Dust - Drag the Dragon Series Short Story

It was a warm summer day and the sun was hot and strong. Vacations were over and the drive from school to home at 4 pm was sweaty, thirsty and unbearable. The air-conditioning of the car was at full blast but barely effective. Perhaps, God was too kind with the sun to the city of Delhi.

Just as we were crossing the highway, a sandstorm started to rustle up. I groaned in frustration “the heat was bad enough and now we have dust everywhere!!” I may be just 8 years old, but old enough to know that nothing can be done about the weather except – bearing with it.

It was in this strange mix of irritation, exhaustion and sweat that I sat in the car, gloomily looking out of the back seat window. Swirls of dust were everywhere and bits of paper were flying in mini tornados. Brown dust everywhere…..wait! did I just see GREEN dust? I looked carefully and saw one swirl of dust to be bright green and that too right next to my window.

I didn’t know why, but I rolled the car window down and WHOOOSH…the green dust was inside the car. I closed my eyes in panic. A few minutes passed and nothing happened. I opened my eyes and I see WHAT!!! Drag the dragon is sitting on my lap. With a twinkle in his eyes and the ever wagging tail, he was smiling at me. “What are you doing here?? Isn’t your home in a German castle??” I almost shouted. “I flew on a hurricane wind and hopped on to a monsoon cloud and then caught a sandstorm to reach here. Just wanted to say hello to you, my little friend!!”
Wow, that’s awfully nice of you but you could have been a little less dramatic in your arrival” I replied happily. Just when I was about to ask him if he was hungry, someone shouted Avikal, Avikal!! And I started shaking. My mother was shaking me and asking me to wake up. “Wake up son, we are home” she said. We were home and the car was parked in the driveway.

“oh no! another dream” I groaned to myself. I got off the seat and started to step out of the car. Suddenly, I saw some bright green powder like something clinging to my shirt. I got off the car and dusted it off hurriedly. It fell on the ground and started to shine. “Mom, how come I have green glitter on my shirt” I asked my mother. “Must have spilled from a tube in your crafts class” Mother replied. And we walked into the house.

There was just one problem. I did not have a crafts class that day!! Maybe I was not dreaming after all. My friend Drag the dragon did visit – in his usual mysterious way.

See you soon again, my dragon friend. Somewhere. Somehow.


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