Farewell Year Five - Welcome Year Six

The new journey of success and fun is gone
New beginnings are now going to be born

Grade -5 is now retired
Mr.grade-6 you are hired

How tough, how much fun was spell bee
So many places, we did go and see

Lots of music, so many songs sung
The joy of stage, amazing Anandam

We played, we ran, we reached till the end
We practised so much, sports day came and went

I will miss my class, i will miss my space
I will miss the charts, we gleefully made

An old year ends, a new one begins
A sad thought but with the promise of spring

With eager eyes, and thought rushing fast
My teachers, i  will miss, with a heavy heart

Ma'ams, we will see you all, we will keep in touch
For everything you have done for us, thank you so much!


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