Drag the Dragon on a European Train

It was a sunny day. I was travelling to Munich from Venice.

I was in a big train.and I was looking for the dragon I was told about by someone.That person said that the dragon lived in the Disney castle in Munich. I looked for the dragon till the 5th stop of the train.I was bored and went to the restaurant in the train with my father.

There I ordered plenty of tasty food.when the order was brought by the waiter my father went to the washroom.then suddenly I heard a WHOOSH! It was the dragon sitting in front of me!the dragon finished all my tasty food in seconds Ii was surprised to see all my plates polished.so when I was about to ask the dragon that why did he finish all my food he disappeared. 

When I got a suddenly  awake, I was surprised to see my father waking me up. I took a quick look at my plates of tasty food that I had ordered - for myself. They were all clean and polished. Except, for one of the plates on which there was a little bit of green paint. Hmm, did the dragon really came? Was it just a dream? ….I guess, it will always remain a mystery.


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