The Big Argument

Millions of years back, there happened a strange argument. Mr Water got very upset and angry. It had been very hot lately and the sun was heating Mr Water up - non stop. He was also scared that if this continues, he will be empty very soon.

In his anger, one day, he started fighting with Miss Earth. "You are of no use to me. You live because of me and never do anything to help me", he said. Miss Earth was in no mood to talk as the sun was heating her up too. She replied, "really! all my rivers flow into you and keep you fresh,  and you dare ask for my help".

This led to a big debate on who does what and they kept arguing for months. Sometimes, they used to get tired and stop for some time. But started again the very next day. Finally, Mr Water decided to show his power and said "I will show you your place and completely cover you. Let me see how you save yourself."

Miss Earth panicked and said "if you do that, everything on me will die. All the animals, trees, plants - everything. Do you want a Earth full of only fishes and seaweed?" But Mr Water was too angry and wouldn't hear anything. Slowly, he started expanding and the oceans started to drown the land. He was very happy with his actions and shouted "I am 2/3 of the world anyway, let me just take over all of it!!"

Now Miss Earth was really worried and started talking to Mr Cloud and Miss River for help. But they said they were dependent on Mr Water and could not go against him. Tired and upset, Miss Earth made one last try and said to Mr Water " Listen, why are we fighting? We are both angry at the sun who is heating us both. We have no reason to fight with each other. If you take over the world, you would have nobody to talk to - no life, not plants - nothing". 

This stopped Mr Water for some time and he started thinking. Actually, Miss Earth was right. He was angry at the sun and in his anger he picked a fight with her. He also didn't want to lose the lively forests, the pretty mountains and the interesting animals. Without them, he would be completely bored. He said to Miss Earth "Fine, I will let you live but only on the condition that you will not make me angry again. Let's live together and work together to keep the world living and beautiful. Agreed?".

Miss Earth happily agreed to his conditions and they worked well together to keep life alive on this planet. Millions of years later, human beings were born and they started to pollute the earth and the oceans. We keep doing this for many many years.

Now, we are very close to making Mr Water angry again and lose everything. We  got saved the last time. But, this time if Mr Water gets angry - there is nothing that can save us. Miss Earth too cannot fight back like last time as she is weak and unwell because of us.

Let's make a choice. Let's choose to live. Its up to us - Please!!


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