Fidget and Spin

Shashwat loved going round and round in circles-if you ask him anything, he would just just keep going around instead of coming to the point.As he loved to talk, it wasn't too difficult for him to go around everything. Short and thin, he was big and fat on talk, talk and more talk.

One day, he came to school with a fidget spinner. Finally, there was something that went round and round faster than Shashwat. The fidget spinner was the main topic of discussion that day. Shashwat and I got together after dispersal and were waiting for our mom's pick us up-while playing with the spinner.Suddenly, the spinner vanished from my hand and shot up into the sky and started spinning on its own. It kept going faster and faster and soon the entire sky was covered with that huge spinning wheel.

It had become dark as the sun got blocked and I got really scared. I asked, Shashwat, where he got this strange and dangerous spinner from. But he was too scared himself! Suddenly, he remembered he had another spinner. I asked him to take it out and spin it in the opposite direction from  the big one and see if that solves the problem. He did that and it worked! Slowly, the big spinner became smaller and smaller and finally dropped into our hands right over the other spinner
We still don't know , what happened that day but we thanked God that Shashwat had another spinner and we had the presence of mind to use it- otherwise, what would gave happened? A disaster was averted.


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