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Little Raju and the tall bully

Raju got into the school bus on his first day at school. He was in grade 5 and quite scared of the things the new school may bring to him. Suddenly, a tall boy of class 7th came and stood by him and told him to keep standing all through the journey to school. "BUT THE BUS IS HALF EMPTY!",Raju said. "DON'T SIT OR I WILL BREAK YOUR NOSE", the big boy said. Poor Raju was scared and kept standing all the way. Once he reached school, he was not sure if he should complain. It was his first day at school and he didn't want a bad first impression. But in the afternoon, the same thing happened again and Raju had to stand all the way in the bus back home. This went on for a few days and Raju soon started avoiding school so that he would not have to face the tall boy. One day, his bag fell in the bus and the tall boy thought that Raju was about to sit down (in defiance of his orders) and hit him hard on the face. Raju felt so much pain and his cheeks turned r

When I was 6

6 years old I am 6 years old ,and This is what I see Classmates and friends, Always Helping me Teachers who are guides, Like stars in the nights Daddy is my friend Always holding my hand Mom's gentle words Like singing birds Listening  to fairytales Till I fall asleep my dreamworld is waiting so pretty anI  am 6 years old ,and This is what I see Classmates and friends, Helping me through life's bends Teachers who are guides, Holding me through the tides Parents so loving Their world begins in me I am 6 years old,and This is what I see The road ahead is tough, Or so I am told. I have to race and run, For that pot of gold But, till that time comes,and much remains to be done I am 6 years old, And this is all I see.

Mango People

Yummy mango, yummy yummy So sweet, so tasty, it's not funny, I love mangoes in all shapes and size Have it whole or have it sliced Mango is my favourite, knows my mummy Yummy mango, yummy yummy.

My Fav Toy

My football means the world to me It's my hobby, it's my toy It's the game , I play with joy The perfect partner for a boy Where ever I go, it comes with me My football means the world to me

Often a Hero

II thought  I would be a hero And next day in the test I got a zero My teacher said a hero I could have been Had there been no zero to be seen Still a hero I will become Waiting for next test to come.


Football is the game I play with my aim I went for my training But don't know the meaning So I was screaming I played my best and passed my test Football is the game I play with my aim

lazy sunday

the weather is good and so is the food some homework and some study the water was clean and not muddy a day of rest and some fun of all the days, sunday is the best one