Currently, we are in year 2070. In the year 2050, the earth was a totally different from what we see today. All the water on earth was dirty as the old robots were dumped into them. All the oxygen on earth was over as the robots didn’t need it and they had invented a big tube to such all the oxygen and carbon dioxide. Only nitrogen was left in the air. Life was about to change on earth.

Well, the big question arises, where did all the humans go? Well, this sounds surprising but we ended up shifting to Mars. Before, robots took over the world, NASA managed to build an aircraft rocket, which took all the humans to a new beginning.

It was fast but, well, successful! The rocket was awesome and we reached Mars, our new world. It had less oxygen but, the earth’s technology was at it’s best that we made a machine which produces oxygen. (So, all good on that part.) Water was in small quantities, but good on that too, as scientists had found water deep inside Mars- loads of water, which was all- drinkable. But now everyone had the same question, how do we make all those big buildings again on Mars with no gravity?

Well, we are awesome, so, we knew what to do? Create Mars hovers and used all our strength to dig up the ground and made a new civilization.

100s, 1000s, 100000s days passed but we finally did it. A new earth was born. Hi-tech   school, college, office,etc.  Everything was hi-tech.   Now let’ start our routine.

 I go to a Mars school. First day....

Today, I was about to enter the first Mars school. I went to my class. There I saw our teacher was a hologram.  The chairs were glass made. There were no doors, only portals were found. (It was so weird) The bathroom was all made of metal, but didn’t have  any bad smell at all! I don’t know the reason to it.

What was going on? Well, I....


I woke up with a surprise when my mom made my dog scratch my face. “Mom, you just woke me up from an awesome dream!” Mom said”, well you are one hour late for school and today is your final exam!!””Forget it. Do you remember something from your preparation?”

I nodded.

Mom said ” Good! Now no washroom, just dress up and go to school!”(So very embarrassing!) But was my entire dream real? Surely, it would be some 1000 years later or may be sooner or now? Who knows?????????


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