Little Raju and the tall bully

Raju got into the school bus on his first day at school. He was in grade 5 and quite scared of the things the new school may bring to him. Suddenly, a tall boy of class 7th came and stood by him and told him to keep standing all through the journey to school.

"BUT THE BUS IS HALF EMPTY!",Raju said. "DON'T SIT OR I WILL BREAK YOUR NOSE", the big boy said. Poor Raju was scared and kept standing all the way. Once he reached school, he was not sure if he should complain. It was his first day at school and he didn't want a bad first impression. But in the afternoon, the same thing happened again and Raju had to stand all the way in the bus back home.

This went on for a few days and Raju soon started avoiding school so that he would not have to face the tall boy. One day, his bag fell in the bus and the tall boy thought that Raju was about to sit down (in defiance of his orders) and hit him hard on the face. Raju felt so much pain and his cheeks turned red with the slap. That day Raju decided that he had to put a stop to this.

He reached school and complained to his class teacher and told her the full story and also showed her the red cheek where the tall boy had slapped him. The school took quick action and suspended the tall boy for two weeks.

Angry at being suspended, the tall boy started sending threatening messages to Raju on his mobile phone. He also started posting bad and untruthful messages on Raju’s facebook page. He then started waiting for Raju at the bus stop and even beat him up a few times. Raju started thinking on how to put an end to all this bullying and decided to tell his parents everything. His parents took up the matter with the school and the tall boy’s parents. The tall boy was severely punished by his parents and the school permanently suspended him.

Raju was not bothered by anyone ever again. An example had been set that bullying would not be tolerated by the school. The other bullies in the school got too scared to do anything to anyone. All because of the courage of little Raju.


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