The Habit Of Reading Never Makes Us Lonely

Loneliness can be more than a problem. It can become a disease that actually takes a toll on our mental and physical health. And this is true for all ages and across humanity. Books are the answer to both these problems. They can be great friends and companions and keep you engaged and well informed. You can travel through the streets of Italy or explore the Milky Way or even travel through time. If this isn’t fascinating enough, books can provide you with the gift of knowledge. The point is, books are a wonderful tool to be happy, to learn something new, to make a new friend or two and to become more creative. 

A book never lets you be lonely - even if you are alone. The internet can give information and provide temporary engagement but true wisdom can be acquired only by reading good books. Sometimes I wonder why most successful people are happy being alone and eventually turn out to be voracious readers. Look at Bill Gates - he actually takes two weeks off every year to be alone and to just read books. Surely, the richest man in Babylon (welllll) - I mean the world - would have figured this out well. I guess the secret sauce is reading good books.

So go on, make a new friend, read a good book. Books will never let you down and keep you busy and happy. They are your weapon to fight the battle of loneliness and boredom. Happy reading! 


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