The Search For The Stone Of Mystery Of Chemistry


  • All the elements of the world were going through an identity crisis. ”We all know our properties but don’t know our place.”, said all the elements. They didn’t know who they were, where they belonged or what their home was. 

  • One day, they met an old man, whose name was mendeleev. He told them “all 0f you must stay together, all of you have a common space. But I can't tell you what it is. Look for the stone of mystery of chemistry and you shall find all the answers.” After giving this short message, he went away.

  •  All the elements started looking for that mystery stone, which could provide an answer to their identity questions. They managed to find the cave which was supposed to have the stone. But the cave had a door which would not open. First, the gases said “we don’t have a form and we can enter anywhere. Let’s try to enter the cave under the door or something. (Add about oxygen rusting and chlorides…) Even the noble gases tried to help by pushing through the gaps, however there was no gap.

  • The gases gave up and made way for the non metals. Carbon started by saying that he was the toughest there and wanted to try. Boron said that he will form a slippery powder through which we can slip in. silicon said, Let me take the shape of sand and enter like dust particles. Nothing worked and the non metals also gave up.

  • The arrogant metals came in next. “You guys are useless, only we are capable of getting you in.” Mercury said” I’m a liquid and I'll enter like water”. Iron said “Let me become a thin sheet and cut through the stone.” Silver said  “I'll become a wire and find a hole to get in”. Potassium asked oxygen to hop on its back so that it could explode and create a hole in the cave. But nothing happened. All these efforts failed and the cave stayed as it is. 

  • All had tried and all had failed. The search for the stone of mystery of chemistry had derailed.

  • Then hydrogen came up with an idea. He said that “the old man told us to be together. So let's try together.” 

  • They all agreed and stood in a line and shouted “Open up in the name of Mendeleev!”

  • The cave door suddenly flung open and they all walked into the mysterious cave. 

  • Inside the cave, they found a huge stone in the center. In the center was painted a large periodic table with all their names on it according to their atomic numbers and atomic masses classified in periods and groups.

  • They had found their place. They had found their home. The stone of mystery of chemistry was the periodic table.


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