The Talking Earth

I am everywhere, 
some here some there

You are alive, because of me
Without me, you will not be

Plants and trees, forest and grass
All grow in me, I am the mass

I am the earth, I give you land
I keep water away, like a magic wand

Many colours and many shades
Its me only, where everything is made

Your cars run,  on oil that I produce
I make the mountains, with stunning views

I digest your waste, and keep you clean
I always give, I am never mean

I have been around, since earth was born
I will stay,  when you are gone

I am here to see you through
I will keep giving, to all and you

Hurt me if you want - at your own cost
If I am done - all will be lost 

Keep me happy, and I will take care of all
You too will live happily, without a fall

I am everywhere, 
some here and some there
Look after me, And I will care


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