Fire Fire !! Pourquoi Story

Long ago, in the dinosaur era, there was a boy named Pichu. He was very creative. He also loved to invent strange objects, which mostly were a failure. He also loved to hangout with the gigantic dinosaurs. That too when the whole human race was scared of those oversized creatures.

One fine winter day, he was with the dinosaurs and was sitting under them to save him from a storm, as the dinosaurs were unaffected from the low temperature. As Pichu was creative, he was thinking and looking for something, which produced heat. He thought about it for one whole day. Finally, he started doing his usual experiments and it was not very long when he was losing his last bit of patience.

Finally, Pichu got tired. Suddenly, he thought of his last experiment, which was to rub an object with another. Well, he was talking about his own shoe and his favourite dinosaur’s foot. He kept doing it till it hurt.  Finally, sparks started to fly and a bright, hot, red coloured substance was produced. It was hotter than anything he had ever experienced before and so hot that it nearly burnt him. FIRE WAS BORN! 


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